How can an occupant add a Unit or Common Area Work Order

How can an occupant add a Unit or Common Area Work Order

How can I create a Unit or Common Area Work Order?

Residents can create their own Unit or Common Area Work Orders.  Once the ticket is created an e-notification will be sent to management and you can view/check the status of the ticket, and even comment on the ticket.   You will only be able to see your own Unit work orders, but will have access to view ALL of the Common Area Work Orders.   (Please check with your management office if you do not see these features.  Your community may not have this feature)

Viewing Your Work Orders in Pilera

Step 1:
When you login to Pilera you will be brought to your Resident Dashboard Page.   This will show if you have any open Unit and Common Area work orders.   Click on "View Details" to be brought to the ticket Dashboard where you can view and check the status of your work orders.  This is where you can also Add a New Work Order Ticket.

Step 2:
When you click on "View Details" you are brought to the Ticket Dashboard which will show each of your open work orders.   To check on the status of a ticket, click on " i " at the end of the ticket line.

Step 3:
Once you click into the ticket by clicking on the  " i " you can print the ticket, see any updates from the management office, and possibly add a comment yourself (depending on your management team's settings).   When you make a comment on a ticket, your management team will receive an email notification of your update.

Creating a New Unit or Common Area Work Order

Step 1:
From your Resident Dashboard page, click on "View Details" for the ticket type you want, either Unit or Common Area.   

Step 2:
Click on "Add Work Order"

Step 3:
Fill in the details of your Work Order Ticket.   Please be sure to include your email address (if it is not already populated) so that the management team can make updates to the ticket and you will receive an email notification.   You may also add attachments to your ticket.   When you are done, click "Add".

Helpful Tips:
To get back to the Dashboard page to view or create a ticket, click on the "Dashboard" button at the top Left of your screen.

You may also access your Unit Work Orders by clicking on the "Unit" tab at the top of your screen.   And the "Community" tab for another way to access your Common Area Work Orders.

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