How can I add Tenants or Other-Occupants in Pilera?

How can I add Tenants or Other-Occupants in Pilera?

How can a manager add Occupants into Pilera?

Accounting Integration Clients:    For Pilera clients who have accounting integration their owners and sometimes tenants and other-occupants come over through the integration.    Depending on your Pilera package, you may also add in tenants and other-occupants directly into Pilera.   You may also give access to tenants and other-occupants to the portal once you add them by sending a welcome message, or you may just want to add them into Pilera so you can add them to the distribution list.  

Stand-Alone Clients:   Standalone clients (no accounting integration) will need to add new owners directly into Pilera.   Depending on your Pilera package, you may also be able to add in tenants and other-occupants.   You can also send them a welcome message so they can login to the portal, or possibly you want to just add them to the distribution list for your communications.    

Step 1:
Go the "Occupants" home page by clicking on "Community" and then "Occupants.

Step 2:
Click on "Add Occupant" on the upper right side of the page.

Step 3:  
Add your occupant data in, including address, phone and email (if you have that data).  Select what type of occupant it is, owner, tenant, ons-site manager or other-occupant.  For clients with accounting integration, your residents may come in directly through the accounting system.     Additionally, not all packages include the options to add tenants and other-occupants (that requires the Condos & Apartments package).

On this Add Occupant screen you can also select the communications preference, language preference, add notes and send the welcome message.

Step 4:  
Once you are done adding your occupant data, click on the "Add Occupant and go to Occupants Page" button to confirm your entry details.

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