How can I attach a document to a message?

How can I attach a document to a message?

*New Feature*


Managers can now attach a document in the "Send Message" and "Send Announcement" modules (as opposed to using the "Send Document" module).   Using this new feature improves the user experience with added features like being able to send yourself a test message, using Send Message to send a document allows you to send the document to one or a handful of people, as opposed to large groups.

Step 1:
Open up either "Send Message" or "Send Announcement" under the "Communications" tab and open up the communications content screen.   Type in your content for your message in the Text & Phone fields (if applicable) and the "Email message" content box.

Step 2:
Once your content is added, you can attach your document.   To do that, click on the "Paperclip" Icon.

Step 3:
That opens up the Add Document Page.   The document will display in a link format, (the same way that our current "Send Document" feature works)  that is openable by your residents (without logging in). 
Select "Upload" to upload your document.  At this point, you may want to create a subfolder to add your document into.   This would be a good way to organize your files for faster access as your library grows.   To add a Subfolder, click on "Add Subfolder" and name your folder.  * IMPORTANT*  It is advised to NOT move (into a new folder) or delete files from the library once you have sent a message.   If you do, it will break the link in the email and the file may be removed.

Step 5:  
Your link will appear in your message and will be a blue hyperlink.

-  You can send yourself a Test Message to confirm the content and attachment are correct. 
-  You can send multiple attachments (which appear as links, and do not require a sign in to view).  If you make a mistake and need to remove any attachment, just highlight the text and delete.

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