How Can I send a Document Library document to my community?

How Can I send a Document Library document to my community?

How to send a new document (uploaded in the New Document Library) to my community.

Summary:    Document Library files can easily be sent out to your community with the New Document Library feature.   You can even select which occupant groups (owners, boards, tenants, etc) get that notification.

1.  Go to "Resources" and "Document Library".  (If you have two Document Libraries choose "New Document Library).

2. Click on "Manage Documents" to get into the Administrative pages for the Document Library.

3.  Find the document you want to email out.    You can find that document by:
     A.  Click on the "House" icon of the community your file is in.
     B.  Click on the Folder (and if applicable Sub-Folders) that your file is in.
     C.  Click on the file, which will then open up that document on the right side panel.

4.  Click on "Notify Community by Email" which will open up the screen of who you want to send the document to.

5.  Select which groups you want to send the link to the document to. and Hit "Send Notification".    The system will not allow you to send the document to groups that are not allowed to see the file in the document library.  So if you have a document that you have chosen to share only with Boards and Owners, the system will detect that and Tenants and Other-occupants will not be available to include in your message.

6.  Just like other message types, you can confirm this message went out and was received in the Message Center.  You can sort on "Document Library" Message Types.

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