How to use Distribution Groups.

How to use Distribution Groups.

Overview:  How to create a distribution group and Send Messages.

Who has access to the Distribution Group Feature?  Company Admins, Community Managers and Message Admins (Role types).

Distribution groups can be used when you have a specific group that you need to communicate with regularly.   You can create distribution groups by looking up occupant names and adding them to the list, or by specific streets, buildings or units.   You can create a distribution group by both methods (adding in individual occupants, and adding in specific units, or entire streets). 

Once you have created your distribution group, it will be available in a drop down in the "Send Announcement" and "Send Document" features.   You can still select the types of people you want to message within that distribution group at the time you send the message (Boards, Managers, Owners, etc).    You can also send a message to multiple distribution groups at one time, and send out email, phone or text messages to your distribution groups.
Editing or deleting a distribution group is easy to do also.    Please see the following steps for creating, editing and sending messages to your distribution groups.

How to create your distribution group.

1.  To create a distribution group, go to "Settings" and "Distribution Groups".

2.  Click on "Add a New Group"

3.  To add recipients to your distribution list, click on "Group".   There you have the option to add recipients by location or by name.    If you want to create a group by Location, you will then select the Street, Building and Units you want to add.

4.  To add recipients by location you can choose to include entire specific streets, or drill down to specific buildings, and units.     Your recipients will appear on the right side of your screen.  You can remove recipients if you need to by clicking on the x next to the name.     Please remember to hit save when you are done!

5.   You can view all of your recipients by clicking on "Preview" at anytime.

How to edit, or delete a distribution group.

Once you have created some distribution groups, you will see them on the left side panel when you go into "Distribution Groups".   To edit or delete your list, click on the name of the distribution group you want to edit or delete.   To delete, hit the red delete button on the right side.   

How to send a message to one, or multiple distribution groups.

1.   To send a message (via "Send Announcement" or "Send Document") go to Communications and choose your communications method.    Compose your message, and toward the bottom of the screen you will see your option to who you want to send it to.   Click on "Distribution Groups".  Select your group(s).

7.  All of the same features you have with a regular announcement are available with distribution groups.  

How can I check to see if my message went to the right distribution group and if it was delivered?

Once you have sent the message you can view that message in the message center.   The message will show which distribution group you had sent it to as well as a list of who the message was sent to, and a delivery report (just like with your other messages).


Create customized distribution lists for easy access to communicate with specific groups.    If you have a member of your group move out of your community they will automatically be removed from the distribution list saving you lots of time in list management.   
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