How do I create or change the color scheme on my community website?

How do I create or change the color scheme on my community website?

Summary/Goal: Having a color scheme is important to your community or company's branding.  This article shows you how to add colors to your website.

  1. In the Admin Control area, click on "Change Site Look".  This is where you will set the colors for your website.  Here, we define each color setting:
    • Primary Color - displayed at the very top of the website where your username is located and on the footer.
    • Secondary Color - displayed on your navigation menu.  If none is selected, then grey is the default.
    • Background Colors 1 & 2 - You have the option to select either one or two background colors.  Two colors, if selected, will form a gradient.  
    • Button Primary Color - Your call-to-action (CTA) links that will direct the user to another page on your website or on another web page.
    • Custom Styles - For website administrators that are more design savvy, a customized color scheme can be added in this area.

      Here's a sample of what the colors might look like on your website:

  2. After you've selected the colors, click "Submit".  Then, refresh your browser to see the change propagate on the website.  

A color scheme is an essential part of your brand and its values that are communicated to your residents or clients.  In Pilera's website new website templates, adding colors to your website is simple and you can see the change take place instantly upon browser refresh.    

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