How do I find the bad/invalid emails in my community?

How do I find the bad/invalid emails in my community?


Bad emails prevent you from properly reaching your residents. In this article we will see multiple ways in which you can discover bad emails within your community and some ways to resolve the issue.

How to view:
  1. CREATE A REPORT by going to the reports tab under resident’s report. Check the check box labeled ‘Email Issues’ and run the report. It will include a description of issues with emails.

  2. IN THE MESSAGE CENTER found under the view tab you can view a previously sent announcement or batch of messages. Here you can see the status of the communication, if an email bounced or was dropped. This is a great way to determine if someone is receiving an important message you just sent out.

  3. THE OCCUPANTS PAGE has a lot of data including bad or invalid emails. When scrolling through the list of residents if you notice the email icon is RED, that means the email is having issues.

4.  OCCUPANTS PROFILE PAGE has detailed information on the resident including if and why an email is failing. This option is only recommended if you are looking for information on a specific residents’ email 
status and not as a broad overview of all communication failures.

 are sent on a monthly basis to a select group of people mainly the CEO/COO. If it is your job to correct communication issues you could receive a monthly automated report directly to your email. 
  1. Attempt to contact the resident via an email message. If the email is fixed the email status in the message center should read ‘delivered’, ‘opened’, or ‘clicked’. If not please ask the resident to change their email address to one that is valid.

  1. If a resident has a bad or invalid email address you can either change their email directly as a manager or ask them to sign into Pilera and change their email themselves.


Incorrect emails could drastically hinder your capability to communicate with your residents. Whether during an emergency or a routine message it is vital that residents understand the events within their community. A community that stays informed generally has a stronger appreciation for their management. A bad/invalid emails report is one of the best steps to keeping your community informed. 

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