How Email Replies Work in Pilera

How Email Replies Work in Pilera

In this article, you will learn about how the resident and manager email reply system works in Pilera.

What are email replies?

Residents can reply to managers' emails sent from within the portal and the status will be tracked within Pilera's message center.

How do email replies work?

When a single manager sends an email through Pilera, the resident will be able to respond directly to the email and the response will be sent to the manager who sent the email.  The manager can then respond to the resident, and vice-versa.  When a resident replies back to the manager, a status of “Replied” will be displayed in the Message Center for that resident and specific message that was sent.

What types of emails sent through Pilera are impacted?

Email replies will currently work for the following communications in Pilera: Send Announcement, Send Message, Send Event, Send Document, and Package Notifications.  Residents can reply to any emails that managers send through these functions.  In the future, we will be adding more communication types for email replies.

What if a manager or resident unsubscribes from Pilera emails?

If a manager sends a reply to a resident who has unsubscribed from receiving Pilera emails, the email will bounce back to the manager.  Similarly, the email will bounce back if a resident sends a reply to a manager who is no longer subscribed to emails.

Why is the sender email address different than the actual email address?

You may notice that when the resident replies back to the manager, the sender will show as “” instead of their actual email address.  Similarly, when the manager sends a reply back to the resident, the sender email address will display as “”.  This email convention allows the manager and resident to reply back.  It’s important to note that the “” and “” can only be used when replying back to the email.  That means that if you compose a new email to the Pilera-specific email address, that email will bounce.  Additionally, it is important to note that replies will not work if managers forward the email to another staff member.

How do I enable email replies for my community(ies)?

Email reply to’s is not automatically added to every client or community.  If you wish to enable this functionality for your communities, please contact Pilera Support at 

How do I track email replies?

In the Message Center, you'll navigate to the specific message that you sent out.  For each recipient, in the Email column, you will see the most current statuses when you hover over it.  "Replied" means that the resident responded back to your email.
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