How do I access my community's activity logs - unit or occupant?

How do I access my community's activity logs - unit or occupant?


Learn how to recall activity logs that you have already created and a quick overview of how to edit them.

Step by step:  Accessing your Occupant Logs
  1. GO TO THE OCCUPANTS PAGE and find the relevant person.
  2. GO TO THE PERSONS PROFILE PAGE by clicking on their name.
  3. FIND THE OCCUPANT LOG ENTRIES section of the page near the bottom. Here you will find all the logs for that person and also have the option to create an occupant log here.

  4. EDIT BY CLICKING THE "i"  beside the relevant log. 

How to Access Your Resident "Unit" Logs
1.  When you are in the occupant's profile page, click on "Unit And Account".    There you will see the unit logs and also have the option to create a new one.


Option II:  Activity Dashboard - View all of your unit and occupant logs here

1.  Go to "Tickets"

2. Click on "Activity Dashboard"

3.  Here you have access to your community AND portfolio's occupant and unit logs.  You can edit, do searches and run reports here.


Call logs are a powerful way to keep track of interactions with your residents but they are useless if you don’t use them. Don’t forget to look up previous log entries before contacting a resident so as to get the full picture. 


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