How to Create a New Ticket Alert (Work Orders, Support, ARCs, and more)

How to Create a New Ticket Alert (Work Orders, Support, ARCs, and more)

Managers can now customize messages that will display on each type of ticket in Pilera:  
  1. Activity Logs
  2. Architectural Change Requests
  3. Rule Violations
  4. Support
  5. Tasks
  6. Work Orders
Residents will be able to see this message when they create a work order, support, or architectural change request ticket.  Residents will also be able to view the message on rule violations and activity logs if managers have chosen to share the ticket with them.  In addition to the above, Board Members can see the alert/message when they create tasks.  

This feature enables management to reduce inbound phone calls and emails to the office by alerting residents of critical information such as rules to follow or emergency contacts. Take a look at our release notes article for more ideas on how you can use the ticket alerts for your communities or properties. 

In this article, we will review how to create a work order alert.  The following steps can be applied to any type of ticket alert you create.

How to create a Work Order Alert

  1. Navigate to Settings in the Pilera app and click on Templates

  2. On the Templates page, click on "Ticket Work Order Add/Modify Alert" under the Templates Group section.

  3. Click "Add Template".
  4. Give your new template a title, some content, and a description.  The content is the message that will display when a resident clicks the button to create a new work order.  In the content section, you can use HTML and CSS to customize the look and feel of your message.  Read the next section to learn how you can customize your message.  The description is an internal-only message you can use to help guide your staff members and let them know what the message is about.  

  5. Click on the "Communities" tab to apply your new work order alert to as many communities as you wish.  

  6. Click Save.  
  7. Here's an example of what your message might look like.  

Customize the look and feel of your work order alert

Pilera supports HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap 4 in the work order alert so you can easily customize how your content looks.  
Here is an example of code you can add to the content of the work order alert.  This code will display text on a light yellow background with the emergency contact information bolded.  
For more ideas to take your alerts to the next level, check out our article on how to create beautiful alerts.

<div class="alert alert-warning"><b>Call Maintenance at 555-555-5555</b> in case of an emergency.</div>

Here's what your alert will look like:

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