How to create a recurring event.

How to create a recurring event.

How to create a recurring event in Pilera.

Feature Overview:  With Pilera's new Calendar module you can easily create a recurring event.  Follow these steps to add a recurring event.

1.  In the new calendar, click on the date that you would like your event to start.  That will open the Event creation page.


2.  When creating your event you can specify which calendar by clicking on the drop down arrow in the Calendar line.   Enter in your event information details.  Towards the bottom of the page you will see the Recurring button, click on Recurring and additional options will come up.   You can schedule a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly event.   

3.  Once you add event and go to your calendar page your event will be there.  It will be color coded to match the calendar you assigned it to.

4.   If you need to edit your event, or send out a notification, click on the event and you will have that option.

5.  When editing a recurring event, click on the date that you want the rescheduling to begin.   If you need to change the timing or the day of the event you can do that.   Click save and view your calendar to confirm all of the changes were made.

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