How to use the Event Calendar (New Calendar December 2019)

How to use the Event Calendar (New Calendar December 2019)

To manage all event details and notifications in a single place without needing to bring in code from external calendar providers.

Navigate to the Community Tab and click on “Event Calendar (New)”.  You can then manage the calendar and send email notifications. 

Important Note on the Legacy Calendar
If you are using the legacy event calendar, please note that it will be retired on January 1, 2021.  Please prepare to move all of your upcoming events to the new Event Calendar before then as we will no longer be supporting the legacy version after the mentioned date. 

How to get the new Event Calendar
If you’d like the new Built-In Event Calendar enabled for your company/community(ies), please reach out to

Create an Event and Send Email Notification
  1. Navigate to the Community Tab and click on “Event Calendar (New)”.
  2. Click on the date of the event on the calendar. 

  3. Add in a name for the event, a description, select the timing, and click “Save”.

  4. Once you click save, you’ll see the options to edit the event, delete it, or send an email notification to the community.  Sending an email notification will send it to all community members that have selected email as their communication preference.  

Tip: You can return back to the events at any time to send an email notification to your residents.  Simply click on the event on the calendar and click on “Send Notification”. 

View Statuses of Messages Sent
Messages sent through the Event Calendar are tracked through the Message Center.
  1. Navigate to the Message Center.
  2. For the email notification that you sent, click on “Details” to expand the list of all recipients and the email status.

The built-in event calendar aims to help managers handle event details and notifications all in one place in a more intuitive user interface.  Increase event attendance by sending notifications on-demand, and not just upon event creation.  Managers will also know the status of the email notifications they’ve sent through the Message Center.  

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