Postal Letter Header & Footer

Postal Letter Header & Footer

The letter template for Pilera uses specific measurements that must be abided by for best results. There is some degree of variation that is allowed and you will be able to preview what your letter will look like as you. 

Under the setting navigation go to community settings

File Type

We highly recommend using the PNG file format. This will provide the highest quality results. If that is not possible you may also use a jpeg file. Be aware that jpegs are considered lossy files which means there may be some loss in quality compared to a png file. 

If your header or footer image contain your return address?

If the image you are uploading for either your header or footer has an address select yes in the physical mail header & footer settings.


The header should be 4.5x1 inches with a 300dpi resolution. The footer should be 6.5x1 inches with a 300dpi resolution. Small or larger images will be scaled proportionally to fit in those dimensions. 

If your header or footer image does not contain the return address

Pilera can dynamically add an address to your letter’s head by selecting no on the "Does your header or footer contain a return address?" This selection does change the size of the header.

[Example of the header with the dynamic address]


Header dimensions

The dimensions for the header should be 4.5x1 inches with 300dpi resolution. Smaller or larger images will be scaled proportionally to fit in the set dimensions.

The dimensions for the footer should be 6.5x1 inches with 300dpi resolution. Smaller or larger images will be scaled proportionally to fit in the set dimensions. 

Adding dynamic addresses through templates

To add an organization address click on the manage button to go to templates or under settings go to templates.

Then go to organization addresses and you can add or edit them here. 

Add the address information in the content section. 

Select which communities to use the address in. 

Using the organization address when sending a message

When sending an announcement or message you will see the return address. You can select from a dropdown or add it in manually. 

Video: PDF Letter Generation Feature Overview

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