Welcome Message Dashboard

Welcome Message Dashboard

This article reviews the welcome message dashboard feature and how to send welcome messages in batches.  This dashboard shows statuses for email, last sent, and last logged in.  Let's go over each status:
  • Email - This column displays whether or not an occupant has an email address specified as their communication preference.    You can also see at a glance if any email addresses provided have bounced, been dropped, or unsubscribed.  Click on the icon to view more details.

  • Last Sent - The date and time when the most recent welcome message was sent.
  • Last Login - The date and time when an occupant last logged into Pilera.  
How do I view the dashboard?
  1. Navigate to the Communications Tab and click "Welcome Messages".
  2. Managers can toggle among the following options or they can select all options at the same time.
    • Occupants who have not been sent welcome messages.

    • Occupants who have been sent welcome messages but have not yet logged in.

    • Occupants who have been sent welcome messages and logged in.

How do I edit the welcome message content before sending it?
  1. Under Settings, click on "Welcome Email Settings"
  2. Use the editor to create or change the content for your welcome message.  You can type in your content directly into the editor.  Or, if you are familiar with HTML coding, navigate to Tools and click on Source Code to copy and paste your custom code. 
  3. When complete, you can either click on "Send Me a Preview Welcome Message" to preview your email or click on "Update Settings" when you are done.  
How do I send welcome messages in batches?
  1. Toggle on one or all of the options above (occupants who haven't been sent messages, occupants who have been sent and haven't logged in, or occupants who have been sent messages and logged in).
  2. To send a welcome message to all recipients, click on the checkbox above the table, next to "Street".  To send a welcome message to only specific occupants, click the checkbox next to each individual name.
  3. Click "Send Welcome Messages for Checked Occupants".  Upon clicking send, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to send messages to the specific number of occupants.  Click "Yes". 

4.  You will be directed to the submission success page.  Depending on the size of the community and how many welcome messages you are sending, this could take some time (allow for approximately 10 - 20 minutes for larger communities).  After submitting, you can still navigate to the other pages in Pilera and continue working while the messages are being sent in the background.  

Can I have welcome messages sent automatically?

If your community or management company integrates with any of our accounting partners, then you can have welcome messages sent automatically to occupants once the automated sync is complete.  To have this setup for your community or management company, email support@pilera.com.  Note that automated syncs are performed every 48 hours.  

The welcome message is a great way to introduce your management team to your community members.  It then becomes essential to make the first impression a really good one.  Through the welcome message dashboard, you can do just that by determining which occupants are yet to have an email address in the system, creating custom messages, and sending the messages without a worry.  You can monitor the message analytics over time and ensure that occupants are receiving the emails to access the portal.

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