Welcome Message Templates

Welcome Message Templates

Summary/Goal:   To provide managers with numerous options for the welcome message email they will send to owners and tenants once they join a condo, apartment, or homeowners association.  This article will also provide some helpful tips that our clients implement in their welcome messages.

Take a look at the below template samples and feel free to customize them to best reflect your community/company's operations and services you'll be providing to residents.  For step-by-step instructions on how to add a welcome message, click here

  • Ease the onboarding process for new residents so that they feel comfortable with the new community/apartment they are joining.
  • Let your residents know the purpose of the email and what action they are expected to take.
  • Educate your residents on how you plan to interact with them in the resident portal.
  • Provide residents with contact information on who to reach out to in case of a maintenance emergency.
  • Add the resident portal tutorial video in the message to better educate your residents on how they can use the technology.  


Condominium Management Template 

Apartment Template 1

Apartment Template 2

Apartment Template 3

HOA Management Template 1

HOA Management Template 2

Conclusion: Sending your residents a welcome message is a crucial first step in getting their account set up in Pilera.  The best welcome messages are customized appropriately to the community and speak to the resident's needs.  

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