How do a make someone a Community Moderator - Community Discussion Board

How do a make someone a Community Moderator - Community Discussion Board

Discussion Board - Community Moderator Role

Pilera's newest feature - the Community Discussion Board allows for occupants and community managers to create topics/communications to share with the community.    The Discussion Board is accessible by managers and occupants via the "Community Tab".     The Community Moderator role is a newly created role that designates that role holder to receive e-notifications for every new thread or comment.    Only Community Moderators will receive e-notifications of New Topics & Comments.   Other manager types and occupants can view the topics & comments when they are logged into Pilera.    The Community Moderator Role can be assigned to any person (occupant or manager) in the community.   

1.  Who can assign someone to be a "Community Moderator".   Community Manager and Company Admin role types can assign any community member to be a "Community Moderator".

2. Under "Settings" and "User Roles", click on the Middle Tab - "Manage Many Community Users".   Then select the role in the drop down - "Community Moderator".   You can then add your community moderators for each of your communities.

Helpful Tips:   Managers and Community Moderators can edit/ delete any Topic or Comment that they feel is inappropriate for the community.   Occupants can edit their own topics and edit / delete their own comments.    For more information on how to set User Roles - click here 
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