How to Beautify ticket alerts

How to Beautify ticket alerts

Make your ticket alerts stand out with a few quick and easy changes to your ticket alert template. In this article we will show you how to make your alerts pop!

Change from a regular alert to a beautiful alert!

Regular Ticket Alert:

Beautified Custom Alert:

How to beautify your Alerts

If you do not know how to add ticket alerts check out the how to guide. It is important to understand the basics of ticket alerts before you can customize them.

Edit the template and add some code

Add the code below. Modify the highlighted text to be the content you want in the alert. The surrounding text <div> and </div> will tell the application to add the styling.
  1. <div class="alert alert-primary">
  2.     A simple primary alert—check it out!
  3. </div>

Different Styles

Secondary Alert

Based on your needs you might prefer a different color. Here are some other great options

  1. <div class="alert alert-secondary">
  2.     A simple secondary alert—check it out!
  3. </div>

Success Alert

  1. <div class="alert alert-success">
  2.     A simple success alert—check it out!
  3. </div>

Danger Alert

  1. <div class="alert alert-danger">
  2.     A simple danger alert—check it out!
  3. </div>

Warning Alert

  1. <div class="alert alert-warning">
  2.     A simple warning alert—check it out!
  3. </div>

Information Alert

  1. <div class="alert alert-info">
  2.     A simple info alert—check it out!
  3. </div>

Light Alert

  1. <div class="alert alert-light">
  2.     A simple light alert—check it out!
  3. </div>

Dark Alert

  1. <div class="alert alert-dark">
  2.     A simple dark alert—check it out!
  3. </div>

Final Thoughts

Those are some quick and easy styles you can add to your ticket alerts to really make them pop but that is not all you can do. The alert templates accept any type of html so if you are tech savvy the limit is your imagination.