Ticket Work Order Email Message

Ticket Work Order Email Message


To show how managers can apply custom email messages to their work order notifications to residents.

What is a Ticket Work Order Email Message?

Managers can add custom text to the header of their work order email messages.  Each community can have only one custom work order email message; however, the same message can be applied to multiple communities at once if desired.  Typically, management companies and communities will use this area to inform residents of emergency repair policies and who to contact.

Steps to create a ticket work order email message:

  1. In the Pilera manager portal, under “Settings”, click on “Templates”.
  2. Under “Template Groups”, click on “Ticket Work Order Email Message”.
  3. Click “Add Message”.
  4. In the Content tab, fill in the information as shown below:
    1. Subject - The title of your template. A tip is to keep the title simple yet descriptive enough for other Template Admins to understand what it is.
    2. Content - The information that you add in the content will appear in the work order ticket notification to residents.
    3. Description - The description is an internal comment within the templates area that is provided for guidance purposes.  This will not be shown in the work order email notification.
    4. Allow User to Modify (Yes/No) - The Template Admin creating this template can specify whether other Template Admins or Company Admins can modify the template or not. 
  5. Click on the Communities tab to select which communities this work order email message should be applied to. Once done, click “Ok”.

Now that you have added a custom work order email message, it will be shown in every work order email notification that goes out to your residents, as shown below.


The custom message for work orders is a great way to share important information with your residents automatically every time a work order email notification is sent out. It helps managers and staff members to save time as they send work order updates to residents across multiple communities.

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